Terng Woei Industry Co., Ltd. has been involved in environmental protection engineering for almost 20 years. Upholding both theory and practice, it has researched and developed several novel products in which some are patented .
The debuts of novel products have won great acclaim and acceptance from all industries on grounds of "high efficiency and low cost"---both operation cost and primary installation cost are low. 
Terng Woei makes customers as the top priority of business with an orientation towards environmental improvement and pollution reduction. We help our customers with the pollutant lessening during their production processes for the aim of environmental protection cost reduction.
Service Items
Cover Planning, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Test Run, Inspection and Follow-up service.
bag type dust collecting recovery, cartridge type dust collector, all kinds of filters, electrostatic precipitator, scrubber, deodorizer, incinerator, steam & waste gas treatment, flow type spray painting booth, dry type spray painting booth, no-pump spray painting booth.